Vasectomy Testimonials

When I first decided that a vasectomy would be right for me, I had a lot of opposition from my friends and family. I am 26 years old, and I have never had children. But despite what people said, I knew that the procedure was the right thing for me. I spent several years mustering up the courage to pursue a doctor who would be willing to take my decision seriously and respect my right to take control of my future. Upon the luck of the draw, I found that doctor on the first try. Dr Matson arranged a consultation with me and respected my decision. He took extra time to be sure that I was mature and responsible, and that I was pursuing this option for the right reasons. He took the words from my mouth when he expressed the thought that ‘If an 18 year old can choose to go into the army and potentially take a life, then a 26 year old can choose not to have children.’

The procedure itself was completely painless, the equivalent of a dental cleaning. It took about 15 minutes, maybe less.

I would absolutely recommend Dr Matson to anyone looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, skilled professional who knows how to treat people right!


My name is Paul and my phone number is 860-933-8855. I trust putting my number here because not that long ago, I was reading these testimonials to get information and to prepare myself for what I thought was going to be the scariest experience I would ever face. If you are reading these testimonials, then I encourage you to call me to find out about my experience. It was unbelievable! Painless, bloodless and stitchless! I was torn between Dr. Matson and another Doctor from UMASS. My neighbor a few months before me went through this procedure with this Doctor at UMASS. I went with Dr. Matson for the simple fact that this is all he does for a living. The other Doctor is quite older than Dr. Matson and I am a firm believer that an older Doctor is “stuck in their old ways” and may not be up to par when it comes to technology and using the latest instruments and “tricks of the trade”. I read both Doctor’s procedures online and Dr. Matson had me from the “no needle”. My neighbor’s experience was not as good as mine. His Doctor did use a needle and he claims that it was the worse part of the procedure. He also had pain and swelling for many days after. My experience was totally different with no pain, swelling or bruising. I was walking around the next day like I didn’t even have the procedure done. I ecourage the phone call because I know feeling confortable and making the right decision is very important and I also relied on these testimonials to help get me through this. Thank you Dr. Matson for a much better-than-anticipated procedure with no regrets whatsoever!!


After making the decision that a vasectomy was right for me, I wanted to be sure that I found a doctor that was also right for me. So I decided to do some research. I chose Dr Matson for several reasons: (1) his education and professional background are commendable (2) he offers a “no needle/no scalpel” procedure and (3) he is very personable. All correspondence was direct with Dr. Matson – not through aids, assistants or answering machines. Also, since he specializes in vasectomies (this is all he does) I figured he must be really good at it. During our initial consultation all my questions were answered. Additionally, he explained things to me in a comforting manor and in terms I could understand. I knew I had found the doctor that was right for me.

When I arrived, Dr. Matson took the time to discuss in detail what was going to happen and what I could expect afterward. The procedure took less than thirty minutes and I felt no pain or discomfort what so ever. It actually went better than I could have hoped. After returning home I kept waiting for the anesthesia to wear off and to feel the pain (like when getting a tooth pulled). I did eventually feel a slight aching / pressure, but that’s all. Don’t get me wrong… I did have some discomfort, along with some minor bruising, but nothing that I would consider painful. Although pain medication was prescribed, it was not needed. I didn’t even need an ice pack. Dr. Matson called the next morning to see how I was doing. I was basically pain free and doing well, but the call was very comforting. The minor aching and bruising lasted for the next few days but after a weeks’ time, it was as though the procedure never happened.

I would like to thank Dr. Matson. The entire vasectomy process, from the initial conversation/consultation to the post-procedure follow up call was personable and painless.


I would just like to say you did an excellent job! I felt no pain at all during the procedure and have had absolutely no pain or swelling post procedure. You are a credit to your profession. I will recommend you to all of my friends that want this procedure.


I imagine that most men approach thinking about, planning, scheduling and going to a vasectomy with a significant degree of trepidation. There’s the fear of the unknown, the obvious vulnerability that the situation demands and the expected pain and discomfort that will follow, none of which are trivial.

Personally, my concerns / worries ranged from where the procedure would be done, who would be present and how much it would or could hurt. I’d spent time up front vetting Dr. Matson as much as I could and was confident going in that I’d selected a qualified and experienced specialist. But, when the moment came, there was still a part of me that wanted to leave his office at a much faster pace than I’d entered. However, it was far worse worrying about it than it actually was. Save for a brief moment of slight discomfort, there was no pain, it was shorter than I thought it would be (maybe 15-20 minutes) and, best of all, there was no assistant present. While that might not concern some patients, I was very happy to have no one else in the room at the time since it was one of the greater worries that I had around the whole event.

If you are considering getting a vasectomy, I cannot more highly recommend Dr. Matson. Not only was he extremely responsive and professional, but took the time to answer each and every question that I had, whether it be email or over the phone, very quickly and very completely. He even took the time to call the day after the procedure and check on me, which was both unexpected and very welcomed.

In conclusion, if I had one suggestion for those who chose to get a vasectomy, it would be; Listen to Dr. Matson when he tells you to be inactive for the 2-3 days after the procedure. If I had taken that sounds advice, I would have been fully up to speed by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. But even then, I was able to complete a full and strenuous jujitsu class less than a week after my procedure.


This procedure – as performed by Dr. Matson – is unbelievably simple and painless. The only negative is the personal embarrassment about how it took me two years to muster up the courage to do this. The positive aspect about waiting two years is that I located Dr. Matson.

From the start of the actual procedure (after prepping) until completion seemed quicker than a barber shop haircut. And, I was more relaxed than during a routine dental cleaning. Dr. Matson’s “no needle / no scalpel” procedure was painless. His genuine personal concern and post-procedure follow-up was unexpected, but, very much appreciated.

Recovery required 2 days of lounging on the couch – something I haven’t done in a while and I enjoyed the opportunity to sit and relax for a change of pace. During this time I experienced minor discomfort, but nothing that could be described as “pain”. Exactly seven days later I was back at the gym without issue.

Thank you Dr. Matson!


The decision to get a vasectomy was a difficult but necessary precaution for me. My partner has heart problems and a pregnancy could result in her death. As she is unable to have surgery or to take contraceptives, we looked for a permanent safe solution. Dr. Matson took the time to explain the procedure as well as the risk involved to both of us. He returned calls quickly and did an exceptional job putting me, a fairly nervous person with surgery, at ease. There was very little discomfort and I am in fact writing this within hours of the surgery. I recommend anyone considering this procedure contact Dr. Matson for a consultation.


Thank you for doing such a great job, my own anxiety about the operation was worse than the operation.